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1 days

About the Course

Carbine Weaponcraft is a performanced based class for new and experienced carbine operators. This course is an excellent opportunity to train and develop individuals in the baseline fundamentals of safety, defensive marksmanship and dynamic carbine handling through a series of performance based instruction and drills.

The baseline fundamentals are but not limited to:

Firearms Safety - The capstone of firearms ownership and use.

Defensive Marksmanship - Consisting of a stable grip, trigger control and acceptable sight picture; and various shooting positions.

Dynamic Weapon Manipulation - Gun handling skills; operating the carbines controls smoothly and efficiently with confidence. Safely presenting a rifle from various ready modes and driving the gun.. Efficient, rapid reloading and malfunction clearing drills.

The course will also highlight and discuss:

The safe storage and transport of firearms

Lecture and discussion in the “Use of Force” in response to a serious threat of bodily harm or loss of life and how it pertains to the law! Learn to operate within the law and stay out of jail.

Mindset - Introductory lecture on the proper combat survival mindset for a lethal force encounter. Why we fight and will to fight and survive.

Tactics - Introductory lecture on preventing and countering a lethal force encounter.
Dynamic movement off the “X” and the use of available cover and concealment

Students will rapidly advance in the range of instruction, through a series of dynamic challenging performance based drills, confidence building exercise, coaching and individual evaluation.

At the conclusion of the course students will leave the Carbine Weaponcraft course as skilled and competent Carbine operators.

Equipment and ammunition requirements:
Ammunition: 300 rds of rifle ammunition
3 magazines with magazine pouches
2-point adjustable sling.
Upon confirmed registration a complete equipment list will be sent.

Rental guns will be available - supply is limited - Advanced notice required!


Conventional shooting positions -
Efficient movement/body mechanics
Strong/support side manipulation

Lecture on the will and the why to fight!

Basic ammunition selection
Weapon and equipment selection

Skill building drills

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