2 days

About the Course

This an excellent class for new or inexperienced as well as advanced handgun owners. The purpose of Carbine Weaponcraft is to train and develop individuals in the baseline fundamentals of defensive carbine an rifle handling.

Those fundamentals are but not limited to:
Firearms Safety - The capstone of firearms ownership and use.

Defensive Marksmanship - The foundation of all shooting which involves the proper alignment of the sights and pressing the trigger without disturbing the sight alignment.

Recoil Management - Maximum control the gun’s recoil through proper grip, and stance. Less recoil means a faster return of sights desired point of impact and thus faster follow up shots.

Manipulation - Operating the gun controls smoothly and efficiently with confidence. Gun handling skills; drawing the gun safely, magazine changes, malfunction drills, driving the gun etc.

Mindset - Having the proper combat survival mindset for a lethal force encounter. The will to fight and survive.

Tactics - Understand and develop close to intermediate range defensive tactics for a lethal force encounter. Countering the threat.

Use of force and the law - Understand the use of force and how it pertains to the law. Learn to operate within the law and stay out of jail.

Students will rapidly advance in this range of instruction, through a series of dynamic progressively challenging drills, confidence building exercises and individual evaluation.

At the conclusion of the course students will leave the course as skilled and competent Pistol Weaponcraft defensive pistol operators.

Course Brief:​

Range Safety - Handling of Firearms While Training and Carrying a Firearm

Baseline fundamentals -
Fundamentals of Target vs Combat Marksmanship
Fundamentals of grip, stance and trigger control
Combat Zero/Confirm Zero (Iron Sights, Red Dots and magnified optic)
Combat Marksmanship-Hold Over/Range Estimation
Target Focus methods
Lecture - Combat/precision/surgical accuracy

Manipulation -
Administrative and Tactical Loading and Unloading Techniques
Stoppage and Malfunction Drills

Tactics -
Movement of the "X"
Utilization of cover
Engagement from cover
Effective movement to cover

Use of force and the law -
Firearms laws - possession, transportation, and storage of firearms
Discussion on the lawful Use of Force and escalation of force
Discussion on the Use of Force and the Defensive Applications of the carbine

Conventional shooting positions -
Efficient movement/body mechanics
Strong/support side manipulation

Lecture on the will and the why to fight!

Basic ammunition selection
Weapon and equipment selection

Skill building drills

Equipment and ammunition requirements:
Ammunition: 1000 rds of rifle ammunition
3 magazines with magazine pouches
2-point adjustable sling.
Upon confirmed registration a complete equipment list will be sent.

Rental guns will be available - supply is limited - Advanced notice required!