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2 days

About the Course

The Home Defense Carbine Operators course will instruct carbine operators in the art and science of home defense and countering home invasions, intruders and active shooters..
Students will learn to master the tactics and marksmanship skills necessary to defend their home. This course will develop an operator's close range marksmanship, defensive mindset and close range tactics. The course will emphasize low-light theory; cover and concealment, defensive positions; movement and ready modes in close quarters, threat detection, de-escalation, Use of Force and the law, equipment selection as well as pre and post incident response.

Operators will advance through a series of dynamic range instruction, lecture, progressively challenging drills, confidence building courses, coaching and individual evaluation.

If you do not own a carbine contact us ASAP and we may be able to supply a loaner at no cost to you!

Please note a state of the art quick adjustable 2-point sling and magazine retention system is required for this course.

Course Brief:
The course will begin with a review of the baseline fundamentals and rapidly proceed to more Home Defense Carbine specific topics.

Range and Home Safety - The capstone of firearms ownership
Use and.​handling of firearms while training and carrying a firearm
External, barrier, and terminal ballistics

Firearms laws -
Possession, transportation, and storage of firearms
Lecture and discussion:
“Use of Force” in response to a serious threat of bodily harm or loss of life and how it pertains to the law!
Dealing with property laws trespassers. Learn to operate within the law and stay out of jail.

Defensive Marksmanship -
Consisting of a stable grip, trigger control and acceptable sight picture and stance.
Combat Zero/Confirm Zero (Iron Sights, Red Dots)
Co-witness BUIS and Optics
Mechanical offsets -Hold Over/Range Estimation
Fundamentals of Target vs Combat Marksmanship
Methods of target focus and Lecture - Combat/precision/surgical accuracy
Conventional and non-standard shooting positions

Mindset - Why we fight and the will to fight and survive.
Introductory lecture on combat survival mindset for a lethal force encounter.

Tactics - Response to Home invasions, intruders and active shooters.
Lecture and discussion on threat detection, preventing, and countering a lethal force encounter. Lecture, discussion, and practical close range drills and exercises in dynamic movement off the “X”; the use of available cover and concealment; defensive positions and preventing “blue on blue” incidents in the home. Discussion on the lawful Use of Force and escalation/de-escalation of force Discussion and lecture on basic room searches, CQB

Dynamic Weapon Manipulation - Gun handling skills; operating the carbine controls smoothly and efficiently with confidence.
Safely presenting a carbine from various ready modes and driving the gun.
Efficient, rapid reloading and malfunction clearing drills.
Administrative and Tactical Loading and Unloading Techniques

Lecture and discussion of equipment and ammunition selection
Basic weapons maintenance

Skill building drills

Ammunition: 500 rds of carbine ammunition

Rental guns and holsters will be available - supply is limited

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