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2 days

About the Course

Recent interest and popularity in the MP5 and UMP, Pistol Caliber Carbine clones are at an all time high. In resonse the MP5/UMP SMG PCC course was created. This is also an excellent course for the numerous examples of lawfully possessed preban-86 and post-86 dealers samples in circulation.

Students will advance through a series of dynamic range instruction, progressively challenging drills, confidence building courses and individual evaluation.

Operators that achieve their maximum potential as an MP5 SMG/PCC operator will excel in their mastery of the MP5 SMG!

This course is open to lawful owner/operators of MP5/UMP SMG's, Semi-auto SBR's and PCC clones in calibers 9mm and 22lr.

Course Brief:

Range Safety - Handling of Firearms While Training and Carrying a Firearm

Firearms laws - possession, transportation, and storage of firearms

Limited discussion on the lawful Use of Force and escalation of force

Limited discussion on the Use of Force and the Defensive Applications of the PCC

Lecture - Brief history of early SMG's through to the MP5

MP5 nomenclature and operation lecture

How to use an HK sling

Diopter Sights lecture and advanced target acquisition methods

Combat Zero/Confirm Zero (Iron Sights, Red Dots and magnified optics)

Combat Marksmanship/Hold Over/Range Estimation

Target vs Combat Marksmanship

Combat/precision/surgical accuracy

Advanced trigger control methods

3rd burst lecture

Burst vs. triple tap.

Recoil management methods

Target Focus methods

Lecture - Combat/precision/surgical accuracy

Administrative and Tactical Loading and Unloading Techniques

Malfunction Drills

Single and Multiple Target Engagement Drills

Conventional and unconventional shooting positions

Lecture - Range Estimation and external ballistics

Lecture - Terminal ballistics

Ammunition selection

Optics selection

Use of suppressors

Skill building drills

Utilization of Cover

Shooting on the move

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