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2 days

About the Course

The M-4 carbine is by far the most popular carbine in use today in the United States. This the an opportunity to train with your M-4 carbine dynamically. The Urban Tactical Carbine course is a immersive two-day advanced level course presentation, structured for beginner and seasoned M-4 urban operator alike. UTAC is open to the general public, law enforcement and military personnel. 2-man teams and couples are highly encouraged to attend.

The information taught will represent the latest in best practices and techniques in the art and science of Modern Combat Marksmanship! Training will be presented through discussion, range lecture, live fire demonstrations, live fire drills, exercises, and confidence courses. The course is immersive in its nature and will provide operators with positive, experiential training evolutions. Operators will dynamically apply personal weaponscraft skills under a wide variety of progressively challenging drills with their carbine systems. The course consists of approximately 2 hours of classroom instruction on firearm safety, use of force, and firearms law, firearm operation, mindset, tactics, marksmanship and weapons craft. The remaining 14+ hours are spent on dynamic range instruction and progressively challenging drills, confidence building courses and individual evaluations. Shooters will learn to engage multiple threats, from behind cover and multiple firing positions, employ low-light techniques*, employ strong/support hand techniques; shoot on the move and react to an attack in around their home or vehicle.

Students will advance through a series of dynamic range instruction, progressively challenging drills, confidence building courses and individual evaluation.

Upon completion of this course operators will be able to operate their M-4 carbine to effectively engage and dominate targets from muzzle contact distance out to 100 yards and beyond. Operators will be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively engage multiple threats from behind cover, multiple firing positions, employ strong and support hand shooting techniques, be able to decisively engage multiple threats while shooting on the move, employ effective low-light techniques, react to home invasions, marauders and active shooters.

Course Brief:

Range Safety - Handling of Firearms While Training and Carrying a Firearm

Firearms laws - possession, transportation, and storage of firearms

Lawful Use of Force and escalation of force

Trespass, property vs violent crimes

Hazards of Citizens Arrest

Pre/post-shooting actions

Potential Dangers (penetration, ricochet, target identification, accidental discharges, etc.)

External ballistics Lecture

Rifle vs pistol calibers

Use of Force and the Defensive Applications of the Rifle, Carbine, and Handguns.

Rifle nomenclature and operation

Rifle ammunition and equipment selection

Combat Zero/Confirm Zero (Iron Sights, Red Dots and magnified optics)

Combat Marksmanship/Hold Over/Range Estimation

Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship

Target Focus methods

Combat/precision/surgical accuracy

Range Estimation

Administrative and Tactical Loading and Unloading Techniques

Malfunction Drills

Shooting on the move

Turning Drills - Stationary and Moving

Multiple Targets/Multiple shot Techniques

Conventional and Unconventional shooting positions

Barricade drills - Identification and Utilization of Cover

Carry and ready positions

Use of slings, bipods, and hasty support

OODA Loop - Judgmental shooting

Scanning for threats - 360 security

Weapon retention

Primary vs Secondary Weapons

Tactics and Immediate Action drills

*Low-light Tactics

Counter Assault Tactics

Room Clearing

Active Shooter Tactics

2-man team tactics

Preventative Maintenance session-cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage

Tactical Skills Lanes

Live-fire confidence courses: Scrambler, 2-man tactical lane, Counter assault, Active shooter, *low-light

*Conditions permitting a low-light session will be added to the course at no additional expense!

Equipment requirements: We recommend M-4 pattern rifles in 5.56 with an LPVO and attached bipod. Optional single stage 3.5 lbs are highly recommended. Battle rifle calibers will not be permitted.

Ammunition: 2000 rds of rifle ammunition

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