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August 26/27, 2023
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Carbine Weaponcraft-Defensive Marksmanship

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Carbine Weaponcraft is a safe, dynamic, performanced based defensive pistol marksmanship handling class. Students will learn to operate their carbines with reasonble combat accuracy at speed. The primary focus of the training is the balance of speed vs accuracy. Students will learn to modulate their speed and accuracy to perform precise and surgical shooting at reasonable speeds and distances. Students will leave the Carbine Weaponcraft course as skilled and reasonably competent carbine operators!

Training will include:
Firearms Safety - The capstone of firearms ownership and use

Defensive Marksmanship - Consisting of a stable grip, trigger control and methods of aiming, acceptable sight picture and stance.

Dynamic Carbine Manipulation - Gun handling skills; operating Carbine controls smoothly and efficiently with confidence. Efficient, rapid reloading and malfunction clearing drills.

Dynamic Carbine Presentation - Safely presenting, mounting and driving the gun.

The course will discuss:

  • Defensive Mindset - Introductory lecture on the proper combat survival mindset for a lethal force
  • The safe storage and transport of firearms
  • The “Use of Force”
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Basic ammunition selection
  • Weapon and equipment selection
  • Hold Over/Range Estimation

Equipment and ammunition requirements:

Equipment and ammunition requirements:

Ammunition: 500 rds of Rifle ammunition

3 magazines with magazine pouches

2-point adjustable sling.

Upon confirmed registration a complete equipment list will be sent.

Please note poor quality off brand slings are not allowed in this course.

Rental guns will be available - supply is limited - Advanced notice required

Duration: 1-day

Cost: $200

Training policy

Registered trainee's are expected to abide to all safety standards set forth by the Devel Weaponcraft. Further, safety during weapons training is of paramount importance during all facets of training and that a trainee’s instruction may be terminated at any time if his safety standards are not deemed satisfactory by the Devel Weaponcraft staff.

Convicted felons, or otherwise forbidden by law to own, possess, or train with firearms, and under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian are prohibitted from attending Devel Weaponcraft training. Trainee's further agree to sign a waiver releasing Devel Weaponcraft, from any responsibility for injury that may sustain during the training program or during travel to or from the training area.

Training Refund Policy

If you wish to get a refund, contact If you can’t attend the event, please get in touch. Payment will be refunded if 30 days or more notice of cancellation by a student is given*. If less than 30 day notice of cancellation is given, all course fees will be forfeited or the student may choose to roll over once to another course of equal or lesser value.*

All payments will be refunded in full, if Devel Training should cancel a course for any reason.

*Any student cancellation of 30 days or more notice will result in an administrative fee of 20% being charged. If the student wishes, the student may roll over said tuition fees once to another course of equal or lesser value and the 20% administrative fee will not be incurred. If the student cancels attendance to the “roll over” course, all course fees will be forfeited. Walk-offs for any reason will not be refunded. Once class has begun, the information prsented has been irreparably consumed by the student and cannot be returned.

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