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From Neighborhood Watch to Civilian First Response Patrol! The First Defense to Civil Unrest!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Richard de Veas

The LA riots and recently Antifa and BLM inspired riots in major and small American cities and towns alike! The danger and threat is real. No one is immune!

You are rightly concerned for you, your family and your neighborhoods safety and security! You can’t do it alone! Someone has to stand guard, while you sleep, cook and chop wood! You need to recruit and organize an armed first response patrol of like minded dependable adults that share similar concerns. How do you do it!

The difficult part is identifying potential members you can trust while being discreet. They should have attitudes, values and mindset you can all reasonably share and respect.You also need to identify and appreciate the skills, experiences, training and resources each potential member brings to the table.

Like a lot of Americans some of you may not even know your neighbors 4 to 5 doors down from your door. So how do you get the word out!

Organize a block party. This does a number of things!:

  • The opportunity to then meet your neighbors and observe their behavior and conduct

  • Builds a sense of community

  • Create a general contact list

  • Inherently identify area and size of the street, cul-de-sac or area of regard

  • Casually discuss to any who will listen, your idea to form a neighborhood “watch” program

Post block party follow-up:

  • Create an informal newsletter from your general contact list.

  • Create an emergency neighborhood phone and text tree

  • Invite prospects to an informal BBQ to discuss organizing a neighborhood “watch”

  • Discuss a “static” watch where people report what they see on a text or FB group.

  • Discuss and encourage informal but regular evening neighborhood “watch” walks

  • Sign people up.

Stand up the neighborhood watch:

  • Participate in neighborhood “watch” walks

  • Converse with them

  • Arrange and host first aid, CPR, AED, crime and fire prevention and other related training

  • Gain their trust. Earn their trust

  • Sign-up volunteers

  • Have regular socials like bake sales, lemonade stands, garage sales and block party’s. Build community.

First Response Patrol recruitment:

  • Invite like minded members of the “watch” to other social gatherings

  • Arrange and host a day at the range

  • Arrange and host basic to advance firearms and tactics training

  • Arrange and TACMED training

  • Arrange basic rescue and firefighting training

  • Gain their trust. Earn their trust

  • Divide the patrol up into first aid, fire and rescue, and security elements.

  • Sign-up members

Even if you never recruit and organize a First Response Patrol. You’ll at least have an emergency contact list and an informal structure, a kinship if you will, from which to organize from!

Stay safe!

Remember YMMV

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