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Maxims for "NEW" 2A community gunowners !

DEVEL Weaponcraft has identified 5 maxims for the 2A community, regardless of your experience.

1. Safety: If you only learn one thing in the 2A community let it be safety! Learn and live it! Safety should never be a mindless habit or routine. Sound safety protocols should be thoroughly understood and be an active part of your 2A lifestyle.

2. Operation and Nomenclature: Understanding the basic controls of your firearm and how it operates is just plain good sense.

3. Carrying and storage of firearms: Stop! Wrapping a pistol in an old sock and stuffing it in the top dresser drawer is not what we mean. Take care of your investment and it will take care of you. Lock up your firearm. If you carry, get a good, safe and secure holster and follow your local laws.

4. Training: There's all kinds of firearms training out there. Training hours and dollars are a limited commodity. Make sure you get the right training you need for you. For example Hunter Safety or NRA pistol may not be what you are looking for if you interest is in defensive pistol or EDC pistol!

5. Sage Advice: An "X" is a mathematical expression. A "spurt" is drip! An "xspurt" is by definition an unknown drip! Watch out for the "xspurt"! There are alot of them out there from a sitting president to unsafe celebrities! Circulate in the 2A community seek out respected authorities in the 2A community!

For more information you can contact us at: DEVEL Weaponcraft

20205 144th Avenue Northeast

Suite 215

Woodinville, WA 98072

PH: 425-891-1197

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