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Belt Mounted Universal Field Cleaning Kit by DEVEL Weaponcraft

by Richard de Veas

copyright 2022

Here's our take on modifying the USGI M16 Cleaning kit into a Belt Mounted Universal Field Cleaning Kit!

Begin with a USGI AR15/M16 Gun Cleaning Kit.

The contents of the kit includes:

1) G.I. pouch

1) Break Free CLP, Liquid, 1oz

1) G.I. 6 piece cleaning Rod Set

1) ea, 5.56. Bronze Chamber Brush

1) ea, 5.56. Bronze bore brush

1) ea. 5.56 slotted tip

1) Double ended nylon brush

Now add the following:

1 ea. 7.62 Bronze Chamber brush

1) ea, 9mm, .45, 7.62 Bronze bore brush

1) ea. 9mm slotted tip

1) pkg. Hoppe's, Cotton Patch, For 12/16 Gauge cut to size as needed

1) Hoppe's, Rifle to Shotgun conversion tip

1) HOPPES 12ga slotted tip, Optional

1) G.I. M-9 pistol rod.

You will be able to clean most service weapons with kit containing these components in the field.

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