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Maztech Partnership

The X4 System: Better Situational Awareness, Advanced Targeting, and Increased Lethality

In 2020, Magpul and Maztech Industries partnered to co-develop a round-counting system in response to US Government interest in having a rounds-remaining system as part of a bigger suite of products to enhance military capability. Maztech’s work in the defense sector is found in a variety of systems in use by our uniformed ser

vices. Developing imaging technology since 1995, the Maztech team has developed visual augmentation and battlefield systems products ranging from the DoD’s first uncooled thermal weapon sight to the currently issued ENVG-III fusion goggle system. Together, Magpul and Maztech are developing a commercial suite of systems that expands situational awareness and increases targeting accuracy.

Magpul and Maztech’s first anticipated commercial product is a rounds-remaining system that combines the unparalleled reliability and durability of the DoD-issued Gen M3 PMAG and Maztech’s depth of combined expertise in advanced electronics systems. A simple concept that is extremely difficult to execute well, the rounds-remaining system will allow a magazine to accurately read the current capacity of a magazine in any condition. The ruggedized system can then transmit it to a weapon-mounted display, integrated common-use applications, on-gun information displays, compatible visual augmentation systems, and other future systems currently in development. In addition to having the ability to present the current capacity of the host weapon, the intent is to have the ability to roll up the ammunition status and supply of an individual user all the way up through the various levels of operation.