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Post shooting incident response: You had no choice but to use lethal force! What should you do next?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Richard de Veas

You’ve just been involved in a lethal force incident. You are a victim of a grievous crime committed by a criminal perpetrator. You were forced to protect yourself and use lethal force. You know you have to call 911. What should you do next?

Post incident immediate action:

Call the police.

Report the incident as fast you reasonbly can.

The first to report is the first believed.

Answer the distpatchers questions - be clear and reasonably calm.

Report only the minimum basic information. DO NOT attempt to justify your actions.

Identify yourself “My name is…”

Report your location “I am at this location…”

This is my phone number.

Provide your physical description. “I look like….”

If the call drops they know who to look for.

Report the nature of the call “I am in need of immediate assistance. Please send…..”

If you’re the victim, report it. If there are other victims, report it. “I am a victim of ……”, “There are victims and they need immediate assistance.

If injured. Request help and describe the injury“ I am injured. My injury is …….. and I need immediate help!”

Request Emergency Services needed: Police, Fire or Ambulance “ Please send….”

Request medical attention even if you show no signs of visible injury. You may still have serious injuries. “I need medical attention!”

Identify or describe the perpetrator and where he or she is or went “The perpetrator looks like….

Do not offer any justification for your actions or why you did what you did. That’s your attorney's job.

Before the police arrive:

If conditions permit, move to a safe place.

Secure weapons before the police arrive.

Retrieve and lock your phone. Protect your right to privacy.

Retrieve your ID.

Retrieve your emergency contact phonelist and bring it with you to the hospital.

Retrieve personal medication and bring it with you to the hospital.

Call and text your attorney. Describe your situation and where you are.

If necessary, secure your dog.

When the police arrive:

Be polite, respectful and reasonable.

Report you are the victim first! Report other victims.

When asked too, identify yourself.

Keep your hands away from weapons.

Identify the perpetrator.

Demand the perpetrator be arrested and handcuffed!

Give the police a brief statement as follows:

Your legal name. Forget AKA or pet names.

State you are the victim.

As the victim, state what the perpetrator did to you.

State the perpetrator forced you to defend yourself or or someone else.

Politely insist to speak for your lawyer. Do not relent to offering a statement to the police.

Demand to go to the hospital to be examined. You may have non-visble, serious life threatening injuries. This is especially important if you have any serious medical history. This will also delay any police interview and or arrest until your attorney arrives.

Be respectful and decline further statements.

Final Warning!

Call and text your attorney.

Shut the f@*& up!

Call USLS.

USLS Promo Code: NFAAZ

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