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Ukraine's parliament passed a law allowing citizens to carry firearms, and a local NGO official said


February 24, 2022 1:55 AM

The Ukrainian parliament passed a law on Wednesday which allowed citizens to carry guns in public.

Members of the Kyiv Territorial Defense Unit are trained in an industrial area on January 15, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Previously, citizens could only have firearms in private.According to the Guardian, gun stores in Kyiv are selling out following the news.

The Ukrainian parliament passed a law on Wednesday, which allows citizens to carry firearms in public, alongside the enactment of a state of emergency, after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops to eastern Ukraine on Monday.

Previously, Ukrainian citizens were barred from carrying guns outside of their homes.

"Now it's the intention of the parliament is to liberalize ownership of armaments by citizens," Dmytro Shulga, the European Programme Director at the International Renaissance Foundation, an NGO in Kyiv, told Insider. "And I think that this is very popular news now."