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ZEV Technologies® Folding Defensive Pistol-9 (FDP-9) & Folding Defensive Carbine-9 (FDC-9)

Coming from Magpul and ZEV in 2023

Last year, we announced our partnership with ZEV Technologies to bring to life our folding concept gun that deploys from a simple, storage case form factor into a large-format pistol or short barrel pistol caliber carbine depending on configuration. Our FDP-9 chassis, paired with a proprietary variant of the ZEV OZ9 operating system, forms the Folding Defensive Pistol-9 (FDP-9), and is officially classified and intended to be fired and used as a handgun, which means you will be able to buy it just like any other handgun from an FFL dealer. The Folding Defensive Carbine-9 (FDC-9) will be available as an NFA-classified short barrel rifle including a different rear cover with a buttstock section. If you purchase an FDP-9 pistol, you can convert it to an FDC-9 short barrel rifle by purchasing and installing an accessory buttstock rear cover after filing and receiving an approved form 1. With the regulatory picture clarified, 9x19mm ZEV FDP-9 and FDC-9 are well into tooling