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Do I Really Need to Get All My Lowers Engraved?

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses the recent publication of new Codes of Federal Regulations by the Department of Justice in regards to new definitions for frames and receivers. But today we focus on the one question that everyone has: "do I have to serialize all of my personally made firearms" by a date certain or risk losing them? The answer, might surprise you. So learn more and arm yourself with education today. FOR ALL WASHINGTON RESIDENTS: Remember, that with the passage of HB 1705, any untraceable firearm, which was manufactured AFTER 7/1/19 must be engraved or serialized no later than 3/10/23. For any untraceable firearm manufactured prior to 7/1/19, HB 1705 does not apply. Get to Know the Loopholes of HB 1705. ____________________________________________________________________ Applicable Statutes: Final Rule as Published in Federal Reg.

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