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If You Don't Want a Permission Slip From This Guy to Exercise Your Rights, Now is Your Last Chance.

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses the very important public hearing on SB 5232, one of the many bills that would create a system in which a Washington resident must first obtain a license (permission) before you can exercise a right. There is a HUGE public hearing coming up and all the info you need to participate is below thanks to our good friends at Sporting Systems in Vancouver, WA. How to Testify. Public Hearing February 2, 8am in Law & Justice *There is no permitting system set up or funded. *Oregon's BM114 Permit to Purchase is already wrapped up in FIVE separate lawsuits. *Washington is rushing headlong into expensive court battles with a weak argument that fails Bruen's requirement of tradition of permit, as informed by text and tradition. *When you purchase a firearm, you STILL go through the normal background check and delays! These links sign you in DIRECTLY to the committee, so you voice will be counted! Most links/emails skip this part, this is important. Sign directly into the hearing and leave your ”CON” position or send your written testimony to the committee

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