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Let's Get you Familiar With All of Washington's Gun Control Bills

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, gives you an exhaustive list of all the gun control bills kicking around in Olympia this legislative session. Unlike last year's session, where there was only a handful of bills to carefully watch, this year's strategy appears to be one of inundating both chambers with as many bills as humanly possible. Its such that it becomes almost impossible to keep track of them. So today, we're going to slow it down a bit, take our time and get you familiar with all the bills in Olympia that could significantly affect your Constitutional rights. Learn all of this and arm yourself with education today. If you really want to closely follow these bills, you can literally get up to the minute updates, and actions plans, by joining the Conservative Ladies of Washington's Legislative Action Center at Contact Your Legislator Today. Learn who your state legislator is and contact them today to voice your positions on these bills. ____________________________________________________________________ Applicable Bills: HB 1143. HB 1144. HB 1178. HB 1180. HB 1195. HB 1562. SB 5006. SB 5078. SB 5193. SB 5211. SB 5232. SB 5265. SB 5446. _______________________________________________________________________ Other Resources: All the New Ways the Washington State Legislature Will Try to Disarm You in 2023. The Gun Control Bills Are Starting to Drop in Olympia. What a Washington State Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban Might Look Like. The Importance of State Preemption Law and Why It Matters This Legislative Session. Check Out our Bullet Point Series.

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