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The All Important Details of ATF's New Rules on Frames and Receivers.

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses all the details of the 364 page DOL Attorney General Order which implemented new definitions for firearms, frames and receivers. While there have been tons of rumors flying around about what this means to you, the lawful and responsible gun owner, today we dive into the 364-page Attorney General report where the responses to the nearly 290,000 comments are contained. In there we find several "nuggets" of information about what these new regulations really mean to you. Issues Covered: 1. Has the DOJ admitted that AR Bans are Unconstitutional? 2. Are any untraceable firearms being grandfathered? 3. What happens with Form 1 Kits? 4. What is the rules on suppressors/silencers today? 5. What is the new rule on frames and receivers and what does it mean to me? Learn more and arm yourself with education today. WASHINGTON VIEWERS: Please remember that all untraceable firearms are subject to House Bill 1705. Under this new legislation, effective July 1st, any untraceable firearm, manufactured AFTER 7/1/19, must be serialized no later than 3/10/23. Any untraceable firearm manufactured BEFORE 7/1/19 is not subject to the restrictions of HB 1705.

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