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When Can I Use Deadly Force Against Wild Animals in Washington State?

Updated: May 7, 2022

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, sits down with Captain Eric Anderson to explain when someone can use deadly force to in defense from a wild animal and what DFW officer will look at to determine the lawfulness of those actions. Equally important, we discuss what we can do as lawful and responsible gun owners, to help prevent these incidents and therefore minimize our interaction with wildlife and the needs to defend ourselves. Learn more and arm yourself with education today. HUGE THANKS to Captain Anderson for volunteering his time to Washington Gun Law and to everyone at the Department of Fish & Wildlife for their continued support of Washington Gun Law and educating lawful and responsible gun owners statewide. For more information about charitable organizations related to conservation efforts, visit: ____________________________________________________________________ Applicable Statutes: RCW 77.15.790. RCW 77.15.792. _____________________________________________________________________ Other Resources: What are Some of the Most Common Firearms Violations Committed While Hunting in Washington State? Can I Use Lethal Force to Defend Myself from an Animal Attack in Washington State?

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